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General Info

Name: Mohinder Suresh

Age: Unknown
Place of Origin: Madras, India
Powers: None
Career: Professor, Geneticist

Mohinder is the narrator of the story and the catalyst behind the search for Patient Zero. In the end he may bring all the Heroes together to combat Sylar and his allies. The advantage he has is his father's notebook and research notes. The need to find out how his father died may be outweighed by his need to find Patient Zero and stop Sylar and his group. He'll need to keep an eye on Eden until she declares her alligience.

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Person Relationship Details
Chandra Suresh (deceased) Father Rough relationship, disagreed on many things.
Eden McKenzie Neighbor The only person Mohinder trusts at the moment.
Peter Petrelli Acquaintance Currently working together to prove Peter's power.
Mr. Bennet Pursuer Chased Mohinder from Dr. Suresh's apartment in India to a cab in New York.
Nathan Petrelli Acquaintance Aproached Nathan with a warning and was mostly ignored.


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